Practical Sponsor Management

Watch how RetireHQ saves you time and money with its innovative approach to contributions, documents, censuses, and plan participation.

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Empower Your Plan Sponsors

Each plan you create in RetireHQ is also accessible to the plan sponsor, allowing them to manage their own plan details.

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Establish Accounts

Manage all the participating, pending and restricted accounts while your plan sponsors request new participants.

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Move Some Money

Edit, export, reject or process contributions submitted by your plan sponsors while automatic email notifications keep all parties informed.

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Save on Postage

Upload your plan documents securely so your plan sponsors can view them at any time.

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Test and Validate

Manage censuses submitted by your plan sponsors online and simplify this typical end-of-year hassle.

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“It used to take five minutes to process each payroll contribution. Now it takes just seconds.”

– Stephen Lynch (TPA)

“I love it!”

– Cindy Loayza (Sponsor)

“After logging in for the first time, she submitted a contribution within minutes.”

– Stephen Dix (TPA)

“Very clean, much better than using a spreadsheet.”

– Nathan Curtis (Sponsor)

You and your plan sponsors will love it

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Save Time

Process your sponsors' contributions and censuses in a fraction of the time while your clients submit contributions and censuses using our streamlined web interface.

Save Postage

Stop sending documents through the mail. Your clients receive easy, archival access to plan documents online at anytime. It's like a file cabinet but without the sharp edges.

Save Paper

Skip the hassle associated with endless faxes and forms. Let your clients fill out everything online. Get notified when someone requests plan participation.

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Save Aspirin

Are you worried about timely deposits? Are your clients asking about security or encryption? Do you spend time correcting invalid information? Relax and let us help.